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InformationAbout Bain Marie Product Prices

In our new topic, we gave information about one of the most curious ones, Bain Marie.
What is the Bain Marie (Ben Mari) Procedure?
Information About Bain Marie Product Prices
Information About Bain Marie Product Prices
The phrases “melt the chocolate in a bain marie” or “put the cups in the oven in a bain marie” have appeared in many dessert recipes. If you are not very interested in kitchen and cooking, it is natural that you do not know what it is.
Bain Marie means “Marie’s bathroom” in French. It got this name for the first time because it was used as a method of melting gold by a woman named Marie during the ancient Egyptian period. Although it is still used in many areas today, the reason why it is known in daily life is usually related to cuisine and food.

An example of this method is the hot water containers placed under them in order to prevent the food from getting cold in cafeterias. As I mentioned at the beginning, it is still the most commonly used method for melting chocolate. While cooking creme brulee or rice pudding in the oven, placing the ovenware on a tray filled with water is also bain marie. Although we have a very old tradition of putting the honey crystallized in the jar into boiling water in a pot to melt it, we can say that we do it in the bain marie method as we could not find a Turkish name for this work.

Bain Marie Products Prices. Bain marie, or bain marie with its Turkish pronunciation, is the process of placing the container containing the food in another container filled with water and cooking it slowly with the steam of the water below.

To explain more clearly;

First, we fill a heat-resistant container with enough water not to exceed half of the container,
We place a second container, slightly smaller than the first and still resistant to heat, into this container, so that the bottom does not touch the water,
We pay attention to the fact that the two containers are made of thick material that does not conduct heat quickly. Enamel storage containers, which seem to be very suitable for this job, are the least suitable containers for this job, for example.
Eagle Commercial Bain Marie Products
Eagle Commercial Bain Marie Products
We put the material to be cooked or melted in the upper bowl,
We put the pots on the stove without breaking this shape and we do our cooking/melting process by stirring constantly on low heat.

Eagle Commercial Bain Marie Products

Bain marie counters, which have a very important place in the main kitchen equipment and enable the products coming out of the kitchen to be presented to your customers in a warm way, can be considered as an area where the customer and the kitchen meet. Bain Marie counters, which must be chosen to meet the needs of your kitchen in order to make the right presentation, are among the indispensable parts of professional kitchens.
Bain Marie - Eagle Commercial
Bain Marie - Eagle Commercial

With Eagle Commercial Bain Marie or Bain Marie models, you can get the presentation solutions your kitchen needs, and you can meet your customers with the food that comes out of your kitchen in a way that maintains its temperature. Eagle Commercial Bain Marie counters, which you can find in different models and features, bring the solutions needed by businesses to kitchens with long-lasting and durable materials.

You Will Satisfy Your Customers With Eagle Commercial Bain Marie Models!

If you want to reflect the quality of your kitchen in your service, Eagle Commercial Bain Marie counter models are always ready to offer the solution you are looking for. While meeting your buffet style hot service needs with fixed and countertop models, it is possible to perform mobile hot service with mobile Bain Marie counters.
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